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Genius X36 Seat box A very, very interesting range of seatboxes which stands for the general quality and customization options, created to fulfill the space between the fantastic high-end products and more elementary fishing seats. Read more
Genius X36 Seat box

Supreme CRX Long Pole
Supreme CRX Long Pole For all of us and for thousands of match anglers from all over Europe, the pole is much more than a tool to catch fish, it is an extension of the arm, it is everything, until it is even called “the rod”, as if there were no others. At Trabucco, we are aware of this and for this reason we give it all the attention it deserves, developing it constantly, as testified by the new Supreme CRX range. Read more

Energhia XR Match Despite the Energhia Match rods already occupied the highest step of the quality podium, today they belong to a different planet, thanks to the Twist Free and X-Joint technologies, capable of transfiguring the blank’s reactivity to any load and stress. In action, their compliance to user’s impulses is incomparable, while an explosive force starts from the heart of butt section to drive the power to the middle section. Read more
Energhia XR Match

Zero FA
Zero FA It is so called because its weight is really low, but talking about lightness, in case of Zero, is not enough to build up a true image, for two reasons. First: in your hands the reel offers an extraordinary feeling, which goes beyond the cold scale data. Second: weight doesn’t count for anything, if it’s not associated with strength, resilience and capacity to easily bring line in, even under a strong pull. Read more

Energhia XLT Bolo The extreme lightness without forgetting resistance: an achievable task only if you have access to the nanotechnological resins that weld ultra-fine carbon fabrics, giving life to extraordinary cohesive structures, which X-Joint technology can coordinate at the best. Read more
Energhia XLT Bolo

2016 Top of The Range Front Drag Reels
2016 Top of The Range Front Drag Reels The new Trabucco reel’s collection include some real jewels from mechanical point of view, with metal bodies highlighting the hi range models on performance side, plus some interesting innovations which are destined to draw the attention. Read more

X8 Extreme Braided Line A super braid based on eight filaments of Polyethylene with high modulus of elasticity. Its structural compactness generates a number of benefits immediately perceptible while fishing. Read more
X8 Extreme Braided Line

Carp Blue HT
Carp Blue HT A new generation of unbreakable pole floats, mainly destined to commercial lakes (carpodrome) as they can bear extreme pressure as well as any accidental shock. Their body is made from EVA (Ethilene Vinyl Acetate), an artificial material with a sponge-like structure which line can’t cut.  Read more

GNT Seatboxes GNT Seatboxes series are designed to meet the needs of the best European match anglers and Trabucco engineered together with them. Stable, easy and quick to set up, they offer a complete and very stable station with all the optional necessary to meet the requirements of the match anglers of any class. Gnt seatboxes are made with light alloy frame and swivelling mud feet, are robustness and easily transportable. Read more
GNT Seatboxes

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