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posted on 04/03/16

Trabucco Surf Guide 2015

 The new Trabucco Surfcasting Guide 2016 is available now!

This Guide belongs to a publication’s series focusing the hottest disciplines of sport fishing, with the dual aim of illustrating the equipment and broaden the knowledge of the specific technique. Feeder, Trolling, Boat Fishing are just a few examples; others will follow. All this would not be possible without the support of a qualified team of experts, which has mastered the matter to the finer details, but even in the absence of a precise mission. 

It’s clear that the cultural growth of the anglers gives them the necessary skills to choose, to distinguish the equipment with a soul by those who only offer an attractive price or a luxury dress. And that inevitably rewards the Trabucco brand, because here in Parma the products without character are simply rejected. Enjoy your reading!

Click on the picture below to browse online in full screen view.

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