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Trabucco Fishing Rods

Nowdays, raw materials and components for rods production are available to everybody, but it's the technology that makes the difference. Materials can be handled differently from business to business, leading to different results. You can discover our core technologies in the following catalogue, illustrated and identified by icons that are used within the catalogue pages.

Trabucco Long Poles


Telescopiche Fisse

Telescopic Whips

Trabucco Bolo

Bolognesi Rods

Trabucco Telematch


Match Rods

Match Rods


Feeder Rods

Specialist Feeder

Specialist Feeder

Trota Lago

Lake Trout

Trota Torrente

River Trout

Carp & Specimen

Carp & Specimen

Surfcasting ad Innesti

Surf Rods

Surf Telescopiche

Surf Casting Tele

Light Surf & Beach Legering

Light Surf & Beach Legering

Canne Bolentino Telescopiche

Telescopic Bolentino Rods

Canne Bolentino ad innesti

Put-in Bolentino & Light Drifting

Seppia e Calamaro

Squid Rods

Traina e Drifting

Trolling & Drifting Rods

Canne Hobby

Hobby Rods