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Cassiopea MN 300

A special mention must be given to the new super powerful version of the series: the amazing Cassiopea MN 300, which is 4.20 meters long and true 300 grams casting weight, and so one of the most powerful rods on the market! The blank is actually able of any kind of effort and therefore it is essential for shark fishing and rock fishing. During the casting action every inch of the blank is pushing as never seen before! The tubular carbon tip is so finely designed to be fully active even in the casting phase. Any type of reel is matched, the essential thing is that it is very robust and powerful.

cassiopea mn 300

Code Mt C.Lenght Sections C.W. Guide
4.20 145 3 120 Fuji Alc
170-97-125 4.50 157 3 120 Fuji Alc
170-97-160 4.20 145 3 160 Fuji Alc
170-97-165 4.50 157 3 160 Fuji Alc
170-97-200 4.20 145 3 200 Fuji Alc
170-97-205 4.50 157 3 200 Fuji Alc
170-97-300 4.20 145 3 300 Fuji Alc