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GNT 2013

GNT 875 Competition Reglass concept

Trabucco GNT 875 Competition

We reveal what’s behind the new GNT 875: it is just a group of winning champions, the best materials in the world and detailed design directions from Roberto Trabucco, which certainly does not lack experience. The new pole for the 2013 season is named GNT 875 Competition, it is 100% Made in Italy and for 2013 will be the reference point of the top of the range in this category. Developed by competitors for competitors, exploits all patents and innovative materials and resins developed exclusively for Trabucco by the last year of Reglass research. GNT 875 provides the ultimate stiffness, which gives a great reactivity during strike, the new materials allow to have a product very reliable in all conditions of fishing too. GNT 875 also uses a downforce and balance improved further than any previous model, to make it “feel” lighter and more efficient. The length of 13.00 meters is real and effective, since the rod does not require drastic cuts to accommodate the more commonly used in competition bush. It is set up with all the patents that earned the duo Trabucco and Reglass famous in the world, so, if you search for the best... you are looking for a Trabucco GNT!

Pole Package:
 1x GNT 875 COMPETITION 13.00m / 3x Kit Competition 5 Sections / 1x Competition Cupping Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots / Competition Match Rod Holdall

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 875 Competition Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-41-610 GNT 875 Competition 13.00m 13.00 45 188 950 9

GNT 675 Match Carp Reglass concept

Trabucco GNT 675 Match Carp

The first impression we had trying the first sample of this model was to be in front of a much stiffer than previous models and able to face competition venues where live fish extra large fish or where the abundance of catches of good size requires speed with the landing net to bring in the fish in the shortest time possible. The right balance between stiffness, downforce and balance has been achieved thanks to shrewd indications of Roberto Trabucco and his team, the design and production ability of Reglass, all together with the use of high modulus materials and resins result of constant technological research. Built on the same mandrels of GNT 875, the GNT 675 has an actual length of 13.00m, which is not common on heavy duty rods. It is able to support even 1.6 mm solid elastic and you will be able to use the full length rod without excessive tip cuts. And when we will need to use big diameter hollow elastics we can rely on the new Puller Kit, or to remove the traditional tip, put in the mini-extension supplied and still reach the 13m. Of course, the GNT 675 Match Carp displays all the Reglass patents.

Pole Package: 1x GNT 635 MATCH CARP 13.00m / 3x Kit Power 5 Sections / 1x Competition Cupping Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots / Competition Match Rod Holdall

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 675 Match Carp Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-41-710 GNT 675 Match Carp 13.00m 13.00 45 188 950 9

GNT 505 Power Plus Reglass concept

Trabucco 505 Power Plus

Strong, reliable and stiff - this sums up the characteristics of this beautiful pole. To get these features and a “downforce” excellent for a carp rod, Trabucco designed eight and nine sections with a parallel profile. This along with the use of lightweight HM carbon during production makes it light and balanced enough to be safely used for fish less robust. Report a true length of 13.00m with a hole at the exit of top section suitable for 2.8mm PTFE bush. The kit of four sections have a length of 5.1m. GNT 505 Power Plus fitted with big elastic can satisfy your desire to fight with large carp and combines all the technology of Italian Reglass.

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 505 Power Plus Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-42-110 GNT 505 Power Plus 13.00m 13.00 45 180 1080 9

Pole Package: 1x GNT 505 POWER PLUS 13.00m / 3x Kit Power 4 Sections / 1x Competition Cupping Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots / Competition Match Rod Holdall

GNT 475 DEMON CARP Reglass concept

Trabucco GNT 475 DEMON CARP

The new GNT 475 is designed for competition in carp fisheries or in venues where the whole equipment can be severely stressed, and it is made in Italy by Reglass. It is characterized by the excellent value for money and still using all the technologies normally found on high-end rods. The top kits are perfectly interchangeable, both  atthe 4th and at the 5th section,  with the other GNT rods (with the sole exception of the 505), allowing thus to be able to buy a rod dedicated to carp but maintaining kit compatibility of more expensive models. Slim blanks and excellent balance are combined with a stiff enough action to be used in top level competition. The tip does not require significant cuts to insert large diameter elastics, yet is fully functional with thinner ones. A product made in Italy by Reglass, synonymous of quality and continued service over time, offered at a very affordable price.

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 475 Demon Carp Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-41-810 GNT 475 Demon Carp 13.00m 13.00 45 1850 - 9

Pole Package: 1x GNT 475 DEMON CARP 13.00m / 1x Kit Power 4 Sections / 1x Cupping & Power Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots / Competition Match Rod Holdall

SUN CORE - A carbon and resin treatment providing an anti-friction finish that enables the pole to be shipped with incredible ease during wet or dry conditions. This revolutionary surface not only adds strength, but also protects the overall fishing action during hot and cold temperatures.
Nanolith - Nanolith is a special resin with a nanometric particles, who can easily insert themselves into carbon filaments and epoxy resin assuring this way an improvement of the mechanical characteristics. This to obtain an even more prompt action which results more stable and lighter pole.
Anti Friction System - The Anti-Friction System is a particular process that during the production “prints” on the section a microscopic rough mat layer. This layer offers several improvements to the pole, such as easier shipping and unshipping, lighter section and improves the long-lasting.
Magic Steps - Present in the 2 and 1 sections, this new technology is an industry first providing the angler with a silky smooth elastic system. A series of teflon coated inner steps prevents the elastic from making contact with the inner wall of the pole sections, substantially reducing elastic stick, allowing the elastic to gather quickly.
Fusion - Fusion is two high modulus carbons fused together as one whilst wrapped on the mandrel. The end result being ultra rigid top kits with no tip bounce, allowing the angler to hit lightening fast bites with ease.
Teflon Joint - The Teflon Joints consists in a Teflon coating resin applied onto the male joint. This coating prevent a longer lasting on the section and a perfect precision of the fittings. It also avoid the joints to get stuck when wet or dirty. This concept is applied both on the original sections of the poles and the spare kits.
Clean Cap System - The Clean Caps are made of medium density foam, and have a double utility: every time the male section is fitted, the lips of the Clean Caps clean the inner part of the joint, avoiding dangerous scratches by the sand or dust. In addition to that, once fitted in the male joint, they seal the section avoiding them to sink.