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Attractive Bolo


This Bolognese rods are made with full CX-1 Radial Carbon blanks but with a more progressive action, simply perfect when using light rigs and lines. This allows you to cast easily even the lightest rigs and helps while playing strong fish with low diameter monofilaments. Perfect for those who need high performance during competition fishing or for those who don’t accept compromise in performance. Long leg SiC guides help the line to slide easily even in wet conditions. Sensi Touch handle.

Trabucco Attractive Bolo Competition

Code Mt C.Lenght Weight Sections Guides
5.00 135 174 5 SiC
120-72-600 6.00 137 251 6 SiC
120-72-700 7.00 139 325 7 SiC
This series of rods represents the best constructive technology available now. Exploiting  both the radial carbon material and the carbon SHM of the last generation. Weights and diameter are kept down, making these some of the best rods in the market. The High degree of reliability is a feature of the Attractive brand. The very progressive action, suited to Bolognese-style fishing with a medium light float both in fresh water and in the sea. Fitted with the new style guides and rigorously hand made wrapping and the new flat cushion reel seat. Value for money higher than any other rod on the market.

Trabucco Attractive Bolo Allround

Code Mt C.Lenght Weight Sections Guides
5.00 144 185 5 SiC
120-70-600 6.00 146 279 6 SiC
120-70-700 7.00 148 382 7 SiC
Bolognese rod of great balance and equilibrium that allow a safe combat through a rigid action very well distributed along the blank. Powerful, Cross-reinforced Winder, but very precise, able to offer its best where other rods raise the white flag. Excellent fishing for barbel in freshwater and sea fishing from natural cliffs and harbors. The special coating of the grip, called Sensi Touch, allows a perfect grip in every situation and a feeling of true comfort. A so nice product and a so indisputably great performance have never seen offered at such a competitive price. Super High Modulus carbon fiber CX-1 blank.

Trabucco Attractive Bolo Power

Code Mt C.Lenght Weight Sections Guides
6.00 151 360 6 SiC
120-73-700 7.00 151 500 7 SiC