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posted on 09/05/14

 la pescata di barbi ne canale irriguo

Do you think it is impossible to fish with your feeder rods when the river stream is pushing too much? Yes, but don’t panic! There is a solution. Very often the best way to solve a problem is…to avoid it. So an easy solution is not waiting for the river calming down but to search for an irrigation canal departing from the main body of the river. All these canals that are normally used for irrigation of farmlands, are always full of fish waiting for your bait.


I am lucky because I leave in a region (Lombardia) so full or rivers that it is sufficient to drive for a few kilometres to find a good canal full of fish.

Fishing in such venues is really fun, so it is even reductive to consider them as a second option. They are complementary to the rivers where we normally fish.

The canal we are fishing today is about 15 meters across and at the moment is 1.20 meter deep, but it will become 2 meters deep between the end of May and the end of September. The stream is strong but not impossible and we can use 80 grams feeders to fish steady on the bottom but…this time we will change our strategy.

Davide and me we decide to fish allowing the feeder to drift: to perform this action we will use light but fast 12’rods, 30 grams open feeders (cage feeders) and long 0.14mm hook length.

Il bello di questa tecnica è che, una volta lanciato il nostro cage imbottito di sfarinato molto ben pressato, questo comincia lentamente ma inesorabilmente a muoversi sul fondo, rilasciando la sua scia di pastura, tutti movimenti che sono immediatamente trasmessi sulla vetta della canna in perfetta trazione.

The key of this technique is that when we cast our cage feeder, full of pressed groundbait, it starts to slowly roll on the bottom of the canal, releasing a trail of scent. Every movement of the feeder is detected by the tip of the rod.

The ability is to able to distinguish the tip vibrations coming from the feeder and from the fish bites but, I can grant you, it is quite easy. In this canal there are a lot of barbell and, as you know, this fish has a very strong bite that you cannot miss.

Trabucco cage feeder

As already mentioned this canal is infested by barbell, representing the 90% of the fish population. Other species are the pigo, an endemic kind of roach, and the chub. The average size of the fish is around 400-500 grams, with some 1 kilo specimen. They are not huge but using a 12’ rods and in strong stream conditions, the excitement is great.

We know this is a inning technique because we started to catch fish since the first casts, catching barbell after barbell for all the day long. The drifting feeder technique is really appreciated.

We had some many strikes that we decided to stop soon in the early afternoon, so tired but so happy.

Maurizio Biolcati

Italian Fishing TV 

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