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Exceed Spin

Strong excitement and epic battles with huge fish as well, are not at all exclusive to tropical boat fishing. Fishing from the shore, and often absolutely from the shore, that big fish, the dream of our life just escapes! Cause of a sharp rock or cause of a malicious wave… And that happens just because people is not equipped in the correct way…cause a normal equipment simply cannot stand a dream of a fish! That’s why the Exceed Spin was born.

Rugged aluminium body, light weight but as tough as iron, less than 500 gr for a 4000 size and still able to spool up to 220 meters of 0.40 line. Anti reverse is permanent with a recovery stainless steel anti reverse pawl to prevent accidents. The fighting handle is fully made of forged aluminium, including the beautiful knob.

Drag is absolutely one of a kind and never seen before on reels of the same category of Exceed Salt Water Spin, featuring  a 20 Kg Max Drag. An absurd specification for some people but an absolute need for other, ambitious, people. Premium specs also for the stainless steel gears, the bronze pinion salt water protected and the titanium line roller. Line lay is perfect preventing digging for braided lines and so avoiding dangerous situation when fighting with a big fish.

Bailarm is hollow, strong, reliable and lighter than conventional bailarms. Every single part is functional to extreme predators fishing.

  • Stainless Steel Oversized Main Shaft 
  • Stainless Steel Core Drive Gears with  non-rust brass Pinion Gear 
  • Heavy Duty non-rust Alloy Oscillation Gear 
  • All Stainless Steel Alloy for all other metal components 
  • 6+1 Stainless Steel Shielded Ball Bearings 
  • Max Power Drag 20kg (44lb) - 12Kg for 3500 size 
  • Aluminum Alloy Body / Rotor & Bail Arm Assembly and Bail Holder 
  • Non reversible large one-way bearing 
  • Stainless steel backup anti reverse pawl 
  • Positive-Screw-lock CNC handle & knob 
  • Stainless steel and carbon textile drag washers, fine adjustment from full release to full lock with super smooth all the way 
  • Fully sealed Drag (100% Water & Dust Proof drag washers) 
  • Solid Power Bail 3.3mm wire 
  • No rust Metaformaldehyde  Bearing line level pulley 
  • AS Titanium Line roller (Anti-Twist) 
  • Twin Ball bearing spool

Code Model Weight (g) Gear Ratio Spool Capacity Max Drag Extra Spool Ball Bearing
032-68-350 3500 348 5.2:1 (85 cm) 0.30 mm - 210 m 12 kg - 6+1 SS
480 5.5:1 (105 cm) 0.40 mm - 220 m 20 kg - 6+1 SS
032-68-450 4500 480 5.5:1 (105 cm) 0.40 mm - 280 m 20 kg - 6+1 SS
032-68-500 5000 596 4.2:1 (91 cm) 0.50 mm - 260 m 20 kg - 6+1 SS
032-68-600 6000 596 4.2:1 (91 cm) 0.50 mm - 350 m 20 kg - 6+1 SS