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Sygnum TXL Supreme Feeder

Among competition rods. the feeder ones are those who must face the toughest life, because they must bear tremendous loads while casting and strong pulls while fighting big fish such as carp, barbel and even catfish. All of us like those exciting catches, but also like light and slim rods, apparently not compatible with those fast running beasts.

But it’s Trabucco know-how and technology which comes into play to let both worlds live together. Advanced CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon provides lightness and sharpness, while a carbon yarn braiding protects the blank from risky deformations and odd shocks.

Such cooperation is so effective that pushes blank’s responsiveness beyond any limit: when it’s time to put our bait out there to reach those shy fish, it’s just a matter of loading the blank and look at the feeder flight. Magic!

Rods equipped with 4 quiver tips: one fiberglass Light action and three carbon quiver, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy.

Sygnum TXL Supreme Feeder

Code Mt C. Length Sections Actions C.W. Guides
3.60 125 3+4 M 75 SIC
3.60 125 3+4 MH 90 SIC
3.90 134 3+4 MH 90 SIC