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Exceed SW

Since years the Exceed SW has been taken as example of the best reel in its category for heavy fishing from the boat. It has become so popular you can even find some models that tries to imitate it! All these imitations usually fail their attempt because always lacking of something, that is essentially the quality. And despite a lower quality they are even more expensive, without any technical motivation. All this could be enough to feel proud of ourselves, to have believed since the beginning to the possibility to build a superior quality reel at a price that can be defined reasonable and that everybody can buy.

After a so long time from his first launch on the market, the Exceed SW continues to find the favour of anglers and the glory of numerous fishing reports thanks to its great strength, reliability and endurance.

It has been used fishing with heavy metal jigs, and so it went under strong and continuous stress; it has been used for Bluefin tuna spinning, and it never gave any signal of failure; finally it has been taken to vacation in the tropical seas, where suffered the worst treatment you can imagine, for days and days. Not a single one of these experiences ever harmed it, or just dip into its “skin” (by the way it’s “skin”, or to better say its body, is made of a noble alloy made of Aluminum, Silica, Copper and Magnesium). If you don’t like compromises forget the rest and just fish with an Exceed SW!

  • Stainless Steel Drive gears, Pinion gear & Oscillation-Pinion gear 
  • Max drag 30 Kg (66lb) 
  • Gear box lubrication port / hole 
  • Al-Si-Cu-Mg Aluminium alloy body / rotor / bail arm assembly 
  • Manganese bronze alloy oscillation gear 
  • Non reversible LARGE one-way bearing (permanent one-way) 
  • Stainless steel backup anti reverse pawl 
  • Positive-Screw-lock CNC handle & knob 
  • Twin Ball bearing spool (for high speed drag runs) 
  • Stainless steel and carbon textile drag washers, fine adjustment from full release to full lock with super smooth all the way 
  • Fully sealed Body & Drag (100% water proof reel) 
  • No rust Polyester (Metaformaldehyde) Bearing line level pulley 
  • Titanium Line roller 
  • Solid 4mm bail wire 
  • All Stainless steel alloy for all other metal components 
  • 10+1 S. S. shielded bearings 
  • Gear ratio 4.1:1

Full metal body. The whole body of an Extreme reel is made of metallic alloy and aluminium, extremely resistant but lightweight materials, only 855 gr for the big 10000, a real winch for legendary trophy fishes. The whole oversized precision gears are made of rugged premium quality materials as well and are absolutely reliable: stainless steel drive gear, manganese/bronze alloy oscillation gear, stainless steel pinion and main axis. Positive Screw Lock handle, directly self locking into main gear.  4 mm solid aluminium bail arm. Bronze alloy drag knob and clicker. Nothing is left to chance.

Drag & Max Drag. Exceed spool is a masterpiece of engineering: made of combination of aluminium and carbon to reduce total weight without compromising the overall strength. It is supported by two big stainless steel shielded bearings positioned on the main axis. The powerful drag is made of alternate carbon and stainless steel discs insuring a Max Drag of 30 Kg for all sizes (20 Kg on Salt Water Spin series), strong enough to stop, if you can!, the violent escape of big predators, such as a big GT or a Dogtooth Tuna, searching for shelter between some submerged sharp reef to cut the leader. Despite such a power it is possible to set it with great accuracy, throughout the whole scale. Capacity of the spool of each model has been designed carefully for that model only.

Destination Saltwater. Evidently designed for salt water use, Exceed reels feature sealed body and drag, 10 shielded stainless steel bearings, one of them made of metaformaldeyde supporting the titanium line roller. It is for sure the bearing the more exposed to water and to heat generated by friction and so needed an extraordinary care to choose the right material. Body features a special lubrication port designed to lubricate gears. All metal parts have been treated against salt water and all aluminium parts have been anodized to prevent corrosion. The anti reverse is permanent for safety reasons and it is supported  by a one way stainless steel roller and a recovery stainless steel anti reverse pawl. 4.1:1 gear ratio gives the correct fighting power to fight against the strongest salt water predators, such as bluefin tuna and big GT. Exceed is the perfect reel for the heaviest spinning in Mediterranean Sea, deep vertical jigging and popping into tropical oceans. Dedicated to fanatics searching for strong excitement!

Video introduction:

Code Model Weight (g) Gear Ratio Spool Capacity Max Drag Extra Spool Ball Bearing
032-67-700 7000 763 4.1:1 (88 cm) 40 lb - 300 m 30 kg - 10+1 SS
032-67-800 8000 845 4.1:1 (95 cm) 50 lb - 490 m 30 kg - 10+1 SS
032-67-990 10000 855 4.1:1 (101 cm) 50 lb - 570 m 30 kg - 10+1 SS