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XPS Pole Elastic Series

XPS Fluoro power latex

XPS Fluoro Power Latex

Super silicon treated solid elastic, supple and forgiving on the strike and produced by pure latex. The innovative extruding process allows to obtain a perfectly round profile, with an high and progressive stretch factor  and it retracts faster inside the pole.


XPS power core hollow latex elastic

XPS Power Core Hollow Elastic

Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, using the twin core hollow system. The core is strong and durable, making it more powerful, while the outer layer increase smoothness.


XPS carp hyper power

XPS Carp Hyper Power

This new elastic has been created using only the purest raw materials and its diameter is computer checked along its whole length, to grant all the anglers the best performance and reliability even for the most extreme fishing techniques.


XPS double fluoro latex

XPS Double Fluoro Latex

This high quality latex elastic has been developped to make the threading of the popular Double Elastic easier. You can now elastic your top kit as you did with a single strand and once threaded the Double Fluoro can be easily separated into a perfect Double Elastic System.