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GNT SL Station

• Light alloy frame • Sliding footplate with anti-slip system • Removable base unit • Telescopic legs with no-marking knobs • Swivelling mud feets • Padded pole gel seat • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap • Compatible with all the Genius Accessories

The brand new GNT-SL STATION has been designed to be light weight and very stable. The frame features an exclusive minimalist but innovative style, it has an “X” shape that gives the whole structure a very strong and stiff touch, while keeping the weight as low as possible. Platform too has been totally re designed and does not share any moving part with the main station, so it is much more stable and safe for fishing action. Beside that it has been built in a non-slip material and it can be opened up to 44 cm, adapting at best with all the kinds of terrain. Round legs are 25 mm in diameter and are closer to the station, so every accessory you are going to add, it will be always at hand, improving the comfort and the speed of the fishing action. Stable, easy and quick to set up, the station has a lateral drawer positioned just under the seat, and a removable set of drawers with 3 compartments, one of them with central drawers, very easy to use while seated. It can be personalized using all the Genius modulus or the new accessories from the XPS series, adapting your station to your style of fishing.

Model Code
Seatbox GNT-SL Station 116-00-650