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Slurp! Artificial Baits

Trabucco’s Soft Lures are made of superior quality material, soft but still durable. These powerful scented lures are packed in a preserving oil that will maintain their outstanding performance. Every and each Soft Lure has its own design which is specific and effective, tested and improved by our Pro Team for long time before launching it in the market. We are committed to achieve details perfection and absolute quality to get the best performance. 

Try them and you won’t regret!

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Honey Worms are available in two sizes, Regular and XL. These floating baits have a bent shape to increase the twisting action needed to appeal the trout and other predators. They can be used alone or in combination with other soft or live bait. The Honey Worms texture is really similar if not the very same of the live honey worms but they will always be available and they will not be spoiled after the first catch, being able to be re used several times before substitution.


Model Color Pcs
182-00-210/10 Honey Worm 
Natural White 30
182-00-220/10 Honey Worm  Yellow Glitter 30
182-00-230/10 Honey Worm  Fluo Glitter 30
182-00-240/10 Honey Worm  Red Glitter 30
182-00-250/10 Honey Worm  Pink Glitter 30
182-00-260/10 Honey Worm  Silver Glitter 30
182-00-310/10 Honey Worm  Natural White 25
182-00-320/10 Honey Worm  Yellow Glitter 25
182-00-330/10 Honey Worm  Fluo Glitter 25
182-00-340/10 Honey Worm  Red Glitter 25
182-00-350/10 Honey Worm  Pink Glitter 25
182-00-360/10 Honey Worm  Silver Glitter 25


The Slurp Baits! The complete series of baits for trout fishing, have now another leading actor: the Fat Worm. It is a small compact worm that imitates a live bait at perfection. It can be used in combination with other lures, fishing with a bombarda, it can be used rigged on a Rapture Jig Head, to make him dance on the bottom triggering the killer instinct of all trout species, including the wild mountain brown ones, and finally it can be rigged wacky without any weight, to get the super natural action of a worm falling from the sky into the water. All Fat Worms are fish scented. When the trout will bite, it will never stop chewing this delicatessen, allowing you an accurate and winning strike.

Model Color Pcs
182-00-510/10 Fat Trout Worm
White Glitter 10
182-00-520/10 Fat Trout Worm Black Glitter 10
182-00-530/10 Fat Trout Worm Pinky 10
182-00-540/10 Fat Trout Worm Fluo Green 10
182-00-550/10 Fat Trout Worm Flame 10
182-00-560/10 Fat Trout Worm Pearl & Brown 10


Maggots are very likely the most used bait in all Europe both for Fresh and Salt water. Slurp! Maggots are floating and they are just perfect to balance any bait presentation, reducing the hook weight. Same texture of live maggots. Very effective for carp fishing as well.

Model Color Pcs
182-00-010/10 Maggot
Natural White 50
182-00-020/10 Maggot Blood Red 50
182-00-030/10 Maggot Yellow 50
182-00-040/10 Maggot Orange Glitter 50


Spaghetti are a classic and very popular bait for Rainbow Trout fishing in commercial fisheries. We added scent and oils in the formula of the Spaghetti Slurp! Baits, making them irresistible and giving you the edge to catch fish in every situation, when every other lure or bait already failed. All colours are very bright and vivid, to stimulate even the more apathetic trout.

Model Color Pcs
182-00-410/10 Spaghetti
White 12
182-00-420/10 Spaghetti Orange Glitter 12
182-00-430/10 Spaghetti Yellow 12


Slurp! Blood Worm is the perfect imitation of the Ved de Vase, the typical and more natural bait that normally lives in lakes and canals. So they are the most convenient baits for a large variety of fishes, such as carp, crucian, bream etc. Available in its peculiar blood red colour.

Model Color Pcs
182-00-110/10 Blood Worm
Blood Red 50