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Sygnum Feeder Rods

The state-of-the-art between the feeder rods is called Sygnum, a so complete and over performing series that cannot leave you indifferent, if you just take one of its rods in your hands.

The Sygnum rods are the culmination of years of experience, that Trabucco developed on the rivers and lakes across Europe, which materializes in your hands. The range is so complete that it is impossible not to find the right action for every angler. Check the whole Sygnum range and choose the one designed for you!

Sygnum MRX-V

Trabucco Sygnum MRX-V

A so complete, performing and well finished series of rods that will deeply impress all the anglers that will test them. Series of top quality and high value feeder rods. suitable for the European market. Read more...

Sygnum XPS Competition

Trabucco Sygnum XPS Competition

Top of the range Sygnum now expands with two special XPS Competition models featuring an impressive compromise between casting power and blank’s lightness. Read more...

Sygnum XPS Feeder

Trabucco Sygnum XPS Feeder

These excellent feeder rods really stand up from the crowd due to their incredible strength and power. perfectly distributed all over the blank. Read more...

Sygnum TXL Supreme Feeder

Trabucco Sygnum TXL Supreme Feeder

Among competition rods, the feeder ones are those who must face the toughest life, because they must bear tremendous loads while casting and strong pulls while fighting big fish such as carp. barbel and even catfish. Read more...

Sygnum TXL Advanced River

Trabucco Sygnum TXL Advanced River

We designed these rods specifically for big rivers and decide to go for 3.90. 4.20 and 4.50m length. Read more...

Sygnum TXL Long Distance

Trabucco Sygnum TXL Long Distance

These are light weigh,. well balance and super casting rods. Read more...

Sygnum XS Barbel

Trabucco Sygnum XS Barbel

This rod, designed for a demanding, growing market, is a perfect rod for barbel fishing in all European waters. Read more...