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Selektor Lake Trout

Top Level Design • Super  Strong Construction • X-TRA Casting Performance • S.H.M.R. Carbon Crossed Reinforced • Slim Blank Design • Anti-slip Rubber Grip

New family of lake trout rods, each action is made of a 7 sections blank. This architecture increase the overall resistance to shocks and avoid the use of sliding guides (but the tip section of course), so gaining a perfect bending action. All the blanks are made of Super High Modulus Radial Carbon and all the tips are made of solid carbon. To increase comfort and sensitivity we added every reel seat with a rubber cushion, while the but cap is screwed directly into carbon blank. The guide system is peculiar and it is using smaller than usual diameter SiC guides, for quick heat dispersion. For competition purposes we painted every rod of a different colour for easy and quick recognition.

Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 100
Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 200
Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 300
Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 400
Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 500
Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 600
Trabucco Selektor Lake Trout 700


Code Mt Sections Power Casting(g) Action
3.90 7 L 2-6 1
124-24-200 3.90 7 LL 3-8 2
124-24-300 3.90 7 ML 4-10 3
124-24-400 4.00 7 ML 6-12 4
124-24-500 4.10 7 M 8-15 5
124-24-600 4.20 7 MH 10-20 6
124-24-700 4.50 7 MHS 12-25 7