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Atomic Bolo Rods

Atomic Pro Fight
When you really need muscles come into play here is the Atomic Pro Fight, capable of lifting up to 7 kilos! It means having the opportunity, if your physical and your line allow that, to lift big fish even in very difficult circumstances. If you have the physical and the line is adequate, do not be.

Atomic Pro Fight

Atomic Formula 4
A common request from our customer is: I want a super strong and super light and balanced rod. It is evident this is often impossible to achieve. But the Atomic Formula 4 is something completely new, very well balanced, very light and still able to lift up to 4 kilos!!! If you are searching for this kind of rod you will be astonished!

Atomic Formula 4

Atomic STX
Series of very powerful Bolognese rods adapted to the heaviest styles of fishing. CX-1 reinforced carbon blank with SiC guides. These rods are so powerful and strong they can lift preys up to 2 kilos , very useful in fast running rivers and in the seaports, between docked boats.

Atomic STX

Description Code Mt C.Lenght Weight Sections Guides
Pro Fight 122-50-500 5.00 144 cm 335 5 SiC
Pro Fight 122-50-600 6.00 146 cm 450 6 SiC
Formula 4 122-55-500 5.00 142 cm 315 5 SiC
Formula 4 122-55-600 6.00 144 cm 418 6 SiC
Formula 4 122-55-700 7.00 146 cm 440 7 SiC
STX 122-54-500 5.00 128 cm 232 5 SiC
STX 122-54-600 6.00 130 cm 318 6 SiC
STX 122-54-700 7.00 132 cm 427 7 SiC