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Energhia TXL

Energhia TXL Pro Light

The best super high modulus carbon CX-2 elaborated by distributing its fibers in a radial way can only result in the most beautiful of Bolognese rods on the market nowadays. The fibers of nano-carbon CX-2 are omni-directionally arranged, making the entire blank extremely resistant to compression and torsion. The blank is so fast action and extremely well balanced and handy while fighting the fish, seconding prey runs to minimize the risk of hook link breaking. The rod is equipped with long leg frame SiC in order to allow a perfect sliding of the line even in rainy conditions.

Energhia TXL Allround 
An intense design effort in combination with the use of super high modulus radial CX-2 carbon have created a very special rod with unique and inimitable features. A slim blank, lightweight and balanced but at the same time capable of the more amazing performance. The action, distinctly tip action, recommends the use of this rod both in fresh water in big and fast rivers and at sea, where the power is never enough. The rod is equipped with long leg frame SiC in order to allow a perfect sliding of the line even in rainy conditions. Can not find another rod who can stand up to Energhia TXL Allround!

Energhia TXL Power
Who said that strong action rods must necessarily be heavy, imbalanced or have too big butt sections? The Energhia TXL Power is the proof that a careful study of each element as a function of the whole tool and the research of the best materials available can overcome all these compromises that are usually accepted. The blank of this mighty rod is so slim and yet incredibly robust and ready to respond to stress. The super high modulus CX-2 carbon used for its construction was in fact worked in a way that individual fibers are disposed in a radial position, so that they can withstand the strains even the most extreme, coming from any direction. The feeling of power that a rod like Energhia TXL Power transmit you is just sublime.

Description Code Mt C.Lenght Weight Sections Guides
Pro Light 120-92-600 6.00 136 cm 305 6 SiC
Pro Light 120-92-700 7.00 136 cm 375 7 SiC
Pro Light 120-92-800 8.00 146 cm 460 7 SiC
Allround 120-93-600 6.00 131 cm 275 6 SiC
Allround 120-93-700 7.00 131 cm 340 7 SiC
Allround 120-93-800 8.00 141 cm 430 7 SiC
Power 120-94-600 6.00 152 cm 310 6 SiC
Power 120-94-700 7.00 152 cm 365 7 SiC