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Ultimate Method & Specialist Mix

These fantastic fishmeal groundbaits has been designed and tested without compromises by Roberto Trabucco in conjunction with all our best consultants, specifically for match and feeder anglers. They’re produced using only the finest, natural and selected ingredients with an high protein content and the addiction of attractors and stimulants. They’re also produced in small batches to ensure a constant quality and the freshest groundbait.

Ultimate Green Method Mix

Brand new sweet fishmeal groundbait. The light green hues has been specifically designed for method feeder fishing to carp and crucian. You can use this groundbait with your cupping kit in pole fishing as well.

Code Description Bag
060-02-000 Ultimete Green Method Mix 1Kg

Ultimate Carp Method

High food content groundbait, based on fishmeal, specifically designed for big carp fishing in Springtime and Summertime. The yellow colour creates a persistent cloud into the water, attracting big carps and holding them in the surroundings. Very good results can be obtained in combination with open-end, cage and flatbed feeders. This groundbait will disperse in a short time.

Code Description Bag
060-02-100 Ultimate Carp Method 1Kg

Ultimate Dark Expander

Dark coloured fine-grained groundbait designed for the most challenging competition venues and for Wintertime. Suitable for both pole and feeder fishing, it is especially effective on breme, crucian and carp. It is made with low nutritional value fishmeal and minced expander pellets to grant the higher dispersion at low water temperatures.

Code Description Bag
060-02-200 Ultimate Dark Expander 1Kg

Ultimate Super Natural

Light brown groundbait designed to be used in commercial fisheries, canals and rivers. It is the perfect choice for strong and long lasting attraction, keeping the fish always in the surroundings. Fine-grained texture, the Ultimate Super Natural is a wise mix of fishmeal and sweet ingredients.

Code Description Bag
060-02-300 Ultimate Super Natural 1Kg