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X-Ride Surf 8000

For special techniques such as light surf and beach ledgering it is common to use light weight rods with limited casting weight. Having said that, it is not true you must give in to fish very far from shore. Main problem is that very few reels have the specs that can combine with these light rods. So you need a wide spool reel and, at the same time, a light weight reel otherwise you will compromise the balance between rod and reel. The X-Ride Surf is very likely the best reel for these techniques! It is 8000 sized but still about 600 gr weight.

The super conical design spool is close to 7 cm wide and 4 cm high. The result of this combination is dramatic long casting capabilities, even with small leads such 50 or 75 grams (about 2 or 3 ounces). The anodized aluminium spool is mounted on a polymer skirt preventing the line to go under it, very important when you are using very thin monofilaments. The big handle is aluminium too, and the gears are extra powerful and smooth, being supported by 12 ball bearings plus one way clutch. Drag is sealed to avoid every contact of inner discs with sand or water. The perfect line lay is given a very accurae worm shaft system. Definitely a world class reel.


• Double Shielded SS Long Life Ball Bearings
• Titanium Line Roller
• Carbon Cover Drag Knob
• Saltwater & Dust Proof Drag
• SS Main Shaft
• Eazy Cast Spool Profile
• Precise 12 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings
• High strenght engineered xtra tough body 
• Over-size one way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
• Human-machine engineering front drag knob
• Sensitive and sealed drag system
• Cold forged long cast superlight aluminium spool
• Double strength stainless steel main shaft
• New shape spool lip allows line to cast easily
• Large diameter aluminium bail wire
• Titanium coated anti-twist line roller
• Warm shaft system provides perfect line lay
• Machined aluminium handle with light rubber grip
• Line Recovery per turn: 94cm / 37”
• Reel weight: 625g

Trabucco X-Ride Surfcasting
Code Description Weight Gear Ratio Spool Capacity  B.B.
035-02-080 8000 582 4.8:1 (98cm) Ø 0,25mm - 260m - 4+1 79.90
035-02-100 10000 693 4.3:1 (104cm) Ø 0,35mm - 240m - 4+1 89.90
035-02-080 8000 582 4.8:1 (98cm) Ø 0,25mm - 260m - 4+1 79.90
035-02-100 10000 693 4.3:1 (104cm) Ø 0,35mm - 240m - 4+1 89.90
XRide 8000 625 4.6:1 (94cm) Ø 0,32mm - 320m 12+1
Eazy Cast Spare Spool