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XP 3000 Leam

These are the brand new leams developed in collaboration with Team Ravanelli; successfully used both in the victory of the Italian 2012 Championship and during the Italian Master with two teams on the podium. Damp Leam XP3000 is a terre de somme extremely soft with extremely fine granulometry, therefore ideal for the realization of the over damp leam or possibly sieved dry from the bag, to create the classical cloud to stain. Damp Leam XP 3000 is available both in classic brown color and  in black. XP3000 River Leam is heavier than the previous ones, especially suitable for add weight to the ground bait  or  to be used in medium fast rivers with frequent baiting action (classic example Medelana venue).

Code Description Bag
062-16-100 Xp 3000 * Damp Leam 2Kg
062-16-200 Xp 3000 * Black Damp Leam 2Kg
062-16-300 Xp 3000 * River Leam 2Kg