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• 9 Precise Double-Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings • Stainless Steel One Way Clutch Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing • Stainless Steel Main • Shaft & Main Gear Shaft • Full Metal Body • Aluminium Match Spool with rubber band to avoid braided line’s slipping under strong pull • Front Drag with Stainless Steel & Carbon Textile Washers • Fully sealed Drag (100% Water & Dust Proof) • Positive-Screw-Lock CNC Handle & Fighting Knob • Large Diameter Aluminium Powerbail, with Anti-Twist • Titanium Line Roller • Twin Ball Bearing Spool

A mix of experiences and technologies has given life to this high profile project, marked above all by the quality of materials and performance. From the fantastic series Invictus and Maniac it took the metal body, the basic premise to provide a smooth rotation even under heavy load and offer great durability, the handle that operates directly on the drive gear, the ball bearings shielded on both faces and the sealed drag with carbon discs. From XPlore SW-H reel comes the fantastic spool design, with hexagonal windows to make the skirt lighter and beautiful. From match experiences of feeder fishing it took the rubber band, located in the spool’s core to prevent the braided lines from slipping under extreme pulls. Finally, the Virtus has been enriched by two round line clips, which allow the feeder expert to feed and fish at two different distances, a strategy needed to succeed in most match situations.

in alluminio forgiato a freddo. 
Ingranaggi interni in Acciaio Inox. 
Frizione in Carbonio sigillata con speciale
grasso lubrificante.
4 cuscinetti a sfera incamiciati in acciaio inox.
Tolleranza estremamente ridotta per evitare
sovrapposizioni di filo.
Sistema clicker totalmente costruito in Acciaio Inox.
Albero e guida bobina in Acciaio Inox altissima resistenza. 
Piede in Alluminio anodizzato lavorato CNC. 
Stabilizzatore cuscinetti sull’albero principale per evitare eccessiva pressione sui cuscinetti della bobina. 
Impugnatura T-Power per la massima potenza
di recupero e comfort. 
Morsetti per canna e alette per imbracatura
in Acciaio Inox. 
Identificazione seriale su ogni mulinello
A soft rubber band prevents braided lines from slipping under strong pulls, while the two line clips, round shaped and spring loaded, are vital for feeder fishing.
Two stylish plates made of carbon and steel, stiffen the body on both sides. The handle operates directly on to drive gear, avoiding any power loss.  The handle can be fold down in order to limit the reel’s volume during transport.
Code Model Wt Gear Ratio Spool Capacity Max Drag Extra Sp. B.B.
2000 250 5.2:1 (68 cm) Ø 0.20 mm - 100 m 7.3 kg - 9+1
034-16-250 2500 290 5.2:1 (76 cm) Ø 0.20 mm - 120 m 7.3 kg - 9+1
034-16-400 4000 320 5.2:1 (84 cm) Ø 0.20 mm - 150 m 10 kg - 9+1
034-16-500 5000 345 5.2:1 (88 cm) Ø 0.20 mm - 180 m 10 kg - 9+1
034-16-201 Aluminium Spare Spool 2000 Ø 0.20 mm - 100 m
034-16-251 Aluminium Spare Spool 2500 Ø 0.20 mm - 120 m
034-16-401 Aluminium Spare Spool 4000 Ø 0.20 mm - 150 m
034-16-501 Aluminium Spare Spool 5000 Ø 0.20 mm - 180 m