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Airblade Reels

The new Trabucco reel’s collection include some real jewels from mechanical point of view, with metal bodies highlighting the hi range models on performance side, plus some interesting innovations which are destined to draw the attention. As always, we have spent our best energies to care about design, because we believe that fishing tackle shouldn’t just have an utility, but should also be nice. After all, we are Italians, and would like the world to notice it!

Trabucco AirBlade


It is a brand new concept that requested a wide variety of new technologies and knowledge to create it. And each single innovation has been carried to increase your fishing experience.


Trabucco AirBlade FS


The wide success of Air Blade concept has given the start to a revolutionary new model which offers all the advantages of “free runner” system, without the negative aspects due to weight and volume of the gears intended to manage it.


Trabucco AirBlade Power SW


The new Airblade Power SW is just the last of the many steps already taken by this company, and it is a project that leads the Airblade family straight to salt water fishing . It is an heavy duty and bigger version that is witnessing the good quality of the original project.