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• Hi-Tech metal body • CNC carved aluminium spool (shallow match type) • Hollow Power Bail with Anti Twist line roller • Carbon and steel disks drag • Sealed drag • Sealed stainless steel ball bearings • Infinite Anti-reverse

All anglers intensely love their hobby and often their friends tell them they’re like maniacs. Very likely they are right, and that’s why we designed the Maniac reel, that is a reel that won’t miss to make an impression for the incredible combination of sturdiness and smoothness.

The whole reel is made from strong aluminium to make it a master piece of strength. The body, the side cover and the rotor, everything is made from aluminium. And so are the tubular bail arm, the spool and the handle. Both the spool and the handle are CNC machine cut from a single piece of pure aluminium. The drag system is not weaker and it is really smooth, featuring alternate stainless steel and carbon washers.

The spool features a bent lip, the so called V-Spool Design, to help the line to come out easier. The central part of the spool is covered with a rubber band to prevent the braided lines sliding under strong traction. The 9+1 bearings are made from stainless steel and double shielded.

Available in 3 sizes, the Maniac is a reel that will make a difference, especially when you need a strong cranking power. We think Maniac is the best choice for anglers fishing with feeder in fast flowing rivers, with bombardas for lake trout or beach legering.

The Maniac drag box include a set of high technology disks, with same style of big game multipliers. The alternation of steel and carbon elements provides power, smoothness and heat dispersion for safe and comfortable control of the fish run.
The handle operates directly on to the drive gear. This solution is the best one for integral power transmission, because energy generated during retrieve is not dispersed through plays and vibrations. For transport, the handle can be fold down to reduce the volume of the reel.
Maniac is prepared for sea fishing, and for such reason the drag box is sealed by a soft rubber lining which avoids water, sand and salt getting inside. Of course, it’s highly recommended to wash the reel under tap water after each fishing session.

Video introduction:

Bobina e piastre laterali 
in alluminio forgiato a freddo. 
Ingranaggi interni in Acciaio Inox. 
Frizione in Carbonio sigillata con speciale
grasso lubrificante.
4 cuscinetti a sfera incamiciati in acciaio inox.
Tolleranza estremamente ridotta per evitare
sovrapposizioni di filo.
Sistema clicker totalmente costruito in Acciaio Inox.
Albero e guida bobina in Acciaio Inox altissima resistenza. 
Piede in Alluminio anodizzato lavorato CNC. 
Stabilizzatore cuscinetti sull’albero principale per evitare eccessiva pressione sui cuscinetti della bobina. 
Impugnatura T-Power per la massima potenza
di recupero e comfort. 
Morsetti per canna e alette per imbracatura
in Acciaio Inox. 
Identificazione seriale su ogni mulinello.
Code Model Weight (g) Gear Ratio Spool Capacity Max Drag Extra Sp. Ball Bearing
2500 280 5.2:1 (76 cm) Ø 0.205 mm - 120 m 7.3 kg - 9+1
033-11-400 4000 315 5.2:1 (84 cm) Ø 0.205 mm - 150 m 10 kg - 9+1
033-11-500 5000 332 5.2:1 (84 cm) Ø 0.260 mm - 130 m 10 kg - 9+1
033-11-251 Aluminium Spare Spool 2500 Ø 0.205 mm - 120 m
033-11-401 Aluminium Spare Spool 4000 Ø 0.205 mm -150 m
033-11-501 Aluminium Spare Spool 5000 Ø 0.260 mm - 130 m