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New Surfcasting Rods 3 Sections

The Trabucco surf rod range grows very much for 2015 season, as a consequence of the hard job done by Trabucco Surfcasting Team. Here we display all new series, which are built with take apart sections. All important features and performances of these wonderful new products are clearly shown in our dedicated videos. 

Poetica KW Torzite

Trabucco Poetica KW Torzite

The top of the top, the buttonhole of the Trabucco surf casting range cannot have a different name than Poetica, a name that gained reputation at the highest level of the international competitions. The new Poetica KW is something really special, it is not a “normal” evolution of the old Poetica, it is a true Copernican revolution.  Find out more...

Impera Surf

Impera Surf

The new series of surf casting rod Impera is born for competition, designed with the contribution of the whole Trabucco Surf Casting Team that tested the blanks for months. Find out more...

Cassiopea MN2

Trabucco Cassiopea MN2

A definitely brilliant rod series, which stands off the average for its interesting list of technical specifications. The blank is made from CX-2 Nano LRC, a low resin content carbon of the highest modulus available. Find out more...


Trabucco Krypteria Surf

Hi grade series of powerful yet sensitive surf casting rods, designed in three equal sections with small diameter’s blanks. They are are built from CX-2 Nano LRC, a special low resin content carbon material. These rods feature a very sensitive solid carbon tip. Find out more...

Nemesea MN

nemesea mn

Series of three section’s rods based on very well tested blanks, made from CX-1 Micro Pitch Carbon, a strong, reliable and fast reactive material that matches modern market requests. Read more...

Athena X-treme

Trabucco Athena X-Treme

The Atherna series was born in the end of 2013 and it has been so welcomed by anglers to deserve after a so short time an upgraded version. Read more...

Epica X-Cast

Trabucco Epica X-Cast

Maybe it is not evident but the Epica series are very likely the best selling series within the Trabucco assortment. Read more...

Serenity Competition

Trabucco Serenity Competition

A little for the competition and a little for normal anglers; the Serenity Competition is a rod with very good performance but offered for an affordable price. Read more...



Amazing 3 sections surf casting rod that has been tested for a very long time before to be approved for mass production. The blank is made of High Modulus CX-1 Carbon and it is perfect for long distance and heavy duty fishing. Read more...

Iridium Progress

Trabucco Iridium Progress

Three sections surf casting rod representing a very good compromise between cost and performance. Read more...

Iridium Distance

Trabucco Iridium Distance

Three sections surf casting rod representing a very good compromise between cost and performance. Read more...

Folgore Revolution e Folgore Long Range

Trabucco Folgore Revolution

Trabucco Folgore Long Range

Three sections surf casting rods with stiff progressive parabolic action, the easiest solution for longer casts without any efforts. Read more...

Fostoria Coast Master e Fostoria Over Cast

Trabucco Fostoria Coast Master

Trabucco Fostoria Over Cast

New version of the proven Fostoria series. The blank is now more reactive, thanks to the new higher modulus carbon fibres we used. Read more...

Suspiria Hypercast e Suspiria Long Range

Trabucco Suspiria Hypercast

Trabucco Suspiria Long Range

The Suspiria is made of high resistance carbon reinforced by a special design of carbon fibers intended to make it more reactive and fast. Read more...

Admiral Surf

Trabucco Admiral Storm Rider

Trabucco Admiral Seaquest

Trabucco Admiral Orizzonte

Three sections surf casting rods made of carbon whose fibers. Read more...

Oceanic Distance Surf

Trabucco Oceanic Distance Surf

The new Oceanic is the entry level model for the 3 sections surf casting rod from Trabucco. Despite the very affordable price, it has been designed following the same principles of more expensive rods. Read more...