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GNT X5 Match Station

• Tubolar aluminium frame  • Six Ø 25 mm legs (four telescopic) • Wide, tilting mud feet • Sliding aluminium footplate • Padded pole gel seat • Accessorie’s tray below seat, 7 cm deep • The removable base unit is made of: upper tray 4 cm dee,pcentral unit with 2 front drawers, lower tray 4 cm deep • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap • Compatible with all Genius components and accessories

New seatbox which perfectly deserves the name of “match station”, as it can be completed and super tuned by the addition of a virtually endless list of components and accessories of the Genius range. The frame is made from light and strong tubular aluminium, and telescopic leg’s length is adjustable via a practical push lever. The locking system is quite interesting, as it’s not due to normal screws, but made of clamp brakes whose grip is so smooth and safe at the same time.

The wide rubber knobs allow a quick setting up operation, even on steep banks. The footplate is sliding to enable partial opening in case a bulky stone is just in the middle of the fishing place. Beyond such advantage, of course this solution makes the seatbox compact for easy transport. All feet are mud proof and tilting around a ball head.

GNT-X5 Station is definitely one of the most modern and attractive seatboxes available in the market, with a stunning quality/price ratio.

Model Code
Seatbox GNT X5 Match Station 116-00-670