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The ideal combination

Soon it will be Summertime and we all have more opportunities to go fishing on a beach. You don’t really need an expensive super set of rods and reels to catch gilt-head bream and sand steenbras, but you need good quality fishing tackle anyway. The Andromeda series, made of 7 surf casting rods models and of an effective big pit, 4+1 bearings, is the perfect combo for happy and profitable fishing time.

We didn’t sacrifice the quality, just the price, making these family one of the more appreciated between shore anglers.

Andromeda Pro Surf

Medium prized Surf Casting reel that despite the price offers a wide choice of specs that normally you can find only in more expensive models. We have here a wide ultra light graphite conical spool, absolutely necessary for long casting, and a perfect cross line spooling thanks to the Worm Shaft System. Both these solutions grant you long distance and no problems with your line. The slow oscillation gears help to keep the line healthy for a long long time, so you will not need to change it that often. One Touch foldable handle and 4+1 salt water protected bearing will make all your retrieves really smooth.

Code Model Gr. Gear Ratio Capacity Spare Spool Ball Bearings
722 4.8:1 (03cm) 0.40mm - 250m no 4+1

Andromeda Tekno Surf

Surf Casting series fully made of High Resistance Carbon and hollow carbon tip to enhance the casting power. The 5 sections blank has a smaller diameter in the butt section and it allows an easy casting also to surf casting beginners. More expert anglers will not miss to attain really long distances with these rods. The blanks are reinforced in all the points subjected to extreme stress during casting. SiC guides.

Andromeda Tekno Surf

Code Mt C.Lenght Sections C.W.
4.20 142 6 130
171-25-150 4.20 142 6 150
171-25-180 4.20 142 6 180

Andromeda Tekno Cast

Surf Casting series fully made of High Resistanve Carbon reinforced with Carbon tape in all the point that are subjected to higher stress. These rods are specifically designed to get a strong tip action. The tip section is solid, strong and sensitive at the same time. This solution allows also more accurate casting. The SiC guides can be used with braided lines. Screw reel seat and non slip handle.

Trabucco Andromeda Tekno Cast

Code Mt C.Lenght Sections C.W.
4.20 142 5 130
171-26-150 4.20 142 5 150
171-26-200 4.20 142 5 200