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posted on 15/07/14

Trabucco MN

Trabucco Fishing Diffusion salutes with gratitude and thankfulness Michele Nardi, thanking him for the work he carried out in recent years, allowing the company to take its first steps in the surf casting. All Trabucco staff is therefore united in wishing him a great professional future.

After this walk together with Michele Nardi, Trabucco Fishing Diffusion needs to start running to achieve more and more prestigious goals. To do this, starting already from next season, Trabucco will introduce into the market several brand new products, using an innovative technology developed by Trabucco engineers; such an innovative approach will be a significant leap forward in surf casting rods building. 

In addition, the marketing of Trabucco MN products will not be stopped, as these were developed by Trabucco and since the company remains the owner of the trademark MN and other trademarks related to the same.

Lastly, Trabucco strengthened its relationships with experienced anglers and notorious long casters of national and international reputation. The design and research, then, go to the next level with a new development team and the collaboration of Emiliano Tenerelli, Salvatore Bonaccorso and Giuseppe Alesi.

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