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Feeder Fishing

Trabucco TV - Feeder sulla Drava - In gara

Published on 26/06/2018

Passione Surfcasting

Trabucco TV - Passione Surfcasting Puntata 5 - Alba di fuoco

Published on 10/06/2018

Feeder Fishing

Trabucco TV - Light Feeder in Lambro

Published on 09/06/2018

Passione Surfcasting

Trabucco TV - Passione Surfcasting Puntata 4 - Orate in Scaduta

Published on 08/06/2018

Feeder Master

Trabucco TV - Feeder Master Puntata 3 - Feeder in Drava

Published on 07/06/2018

Bolentino & Light Drifting

Trabucco TV - Bolentino profondo

Published on 06/06/2018

Spinning & Vertical Jigging by Rapture Lures

Rapture Lures - Spinning notturno alla spigola

Published on 06/06/2018

Surfcasting Academy - Stagione 2 - 2018

Trabucco TV - Surfcasting Academy 2018 Puntata 6 - Forti correnti

Published on 05/06/2018

Pesca a Bolognese

Trabucco TV - Bolognese a Porto Torres

Published on 29/05/2018