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Rosario Palumbo

Walter Sarret

Rosario Palumbo was born in Napoli on December 17, 1986 and soon developed a deep love for the sea and an infinite passion for fishing, which started from the telescopic whip basics, learnt and practised on the beautiful coasts of his native region. When he was 20, he approached surf casting, and soon dropped any other fishing style to fully concentrate on it. After school time, he was hired by a company of the aeronautic industry, specially involved in the production of carbon components for aircrafts through advanced technologies. This experience helped him to better understand the fishing rod’s structure.

In 2011 he built up his current fishing club, which supports him in his intense activity of surf casting promotion by events, articles and videos. Just recently, Rosario approached surf casting competition field with the usual passion and concentration. Another challenge for him, another opportunity to travel and meet many different sea fishing worlds.