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Reglass concept

Anti Friction System - The Anti-Friction System is a particular process that during the production “prints” on the section a microscopic rough mat layer. This layer offers several improvements to the pole, such as easier shipping and unshipping, lighter section and improves the long-lasting.


Nanolith - Nanolith is a special resin with a nanometric particles, who can easily insert themselves into carbon filaments and epoxy resin assuring this way an improvement of the mechanical characteristics. This to obtain an even more prompt action which results more stable and lighter pole.


SUN CORE - A carbon and resin treatment providing an anti-friction finish that enables the pole to be shipped with incredible ease during wet or dry conditions. This revolutionary surface not only adds strength, but also protects the overall fishing action during hot and cold temperatures.


Magic Steps -  Present in the 2 and 1 sections, this new technology is an industry first providing the angler with a silky smooth elastic system. A series of teflon coated inner steps prevents the elastic from making contact with the inner wall of the pole sections, substantially reducing elastic stick, allowing the elastic to gather quickly.


Fusion -  Fusion is two high modulus carbons fused together as one whilst wrapped on the mandrel. The end result being ultra rigid top kits with no tip bounce, allowing the angler to hit lightening fast bites with ease. 


Teflon Joint - The Teflon Joints consists in a Teflon coating resin applied onto the male joint. This coating prevent a longer lasting on the section and a perfect precision of the fittings. it also avoid the joints to get stuck when wet or dirty. This concept is applied both on the original sections of the poles and the spare kits.


Clean Cap System - The Clean Caps are made of medium density foam, and have a double utility: every time the male section is fitted, the lips of the Clean Caps clean the inner part of the joint, avoiding dangerous scratches by the sand or dust. In addition to that, once fitted in the male joint, they seal the section avoiding them to sink.