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Cassiopea MX2

Even if the market in this moment is asking for a large quantity of 3 sections surf rods, for sure the most beautiful rods for surf casting are the 2 sections one, the so called bass rods. The Cassiopea MX2 is the natural evolution of the classic and historical English rods, from whom it takes the basic concepts and contents, changing them according to the most modern needs and the latest technological materials.

The blank is incredibly stiff and high performing, made from high modulus CX-2 Nano Tek LRC carbon. The fast action is absolutely fantastic and you will experience the most incredible casting sensation. The tip section, a key part to define the action of a 2 section rod, is FH Rip Tip, that means that the building involves glass and carbon fibers mixing in a progressive way from the top to the base of the tip. Casting power, accuracy of the cast and finally sensitivity, all is depending on this special tip.

The Cassiopea MX2 is equipped with the finest components such as a Fuji DPS Gold Label reel seat and Fuji Alconite guides. The lower handle on the butt section is made by a shrinking tube and a hard rubber butt knob, a perfect solution to secure the hand during the casting phase. Put in joint.

Trabucco Cassiopea MX2

Fuji DNPS Reel Seat. On the Cassiopea MX2 range, we selected only the best components and as reel seat we used the ultra reliable Fuji DNPS gold label, entirely built by graphite it offers a great strength, ergonomic and designed to last longer.

Butt Cap. The butt end cap is a feature that many don’t consider. But in fact it helps all the operations during the casts or when fishing and additionally it has the function to protect the butt end. We’ve designed also special rubber caps also for the inner sections to prevent any damage during the transport.

Hybrid FH Rip Tip.Cassiopea MX2 feature the fantastic FH Rip Tip top section. It has a tubular structure, and it’s built through a special technology. In the top area, which is destined to detect fish bites, the high modulus carbon is gradually replaced by lower modulus materials, up to become 100% fibreglass to get the required sensitivity.

Video introduction:

Code Mt C. Length Sections C.W. Guide
4.15 145 2 (2-6 oz) 160g Fuji MNA
171-54-200 4.15 145 2 (3-7 oz) 200g Fuji MNA
171-54-230 4.15 145 2 (4-8 oz) 230 g Fuji MNA