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Admiral Surf


Three sections surf casting rod made of carbon whose fibers has been interlaced with a specific design that increases stiffness and consequential casting distance. Despite the very affordable price, this rod can deliver very good performance and the casting power of 160 g is absolutely real.

Very good rod for those who start to use 3 section surf rods. Also featuring Zero Friction Blank, corrosion free SiC guides and hybrid solid carbon tip.

Trabucco Admiral Storm Rider

Code Mt C. Length Sections C.W. Guide
4.20 145 3 160 S-SiC


The Admiral Sea Quest is a powerful rod, very good choice for long casting even if it is not too stiff. This action is easier to use and can allow even the newbies of long casting to attend good distance. The high resistance carbon blank is obviously not as fast as other rods, but it can react in a very accurate way. The SiC guides are smoother than others and the line will pass with o friction. It is possible to use braided lines too. The rod is completed with a wide reel seat and hybrid solid carbon tip.

Trabucco Admiral Seaquest

Code Mt C. Lenght Sections C.W. Guides
4.20 145 3 200 S-SiC


Very strong and reliable surf casting rod able to face heavy sea conditions with no problem. The Admiral Orizzonte is made of high resistance carbon and reinforced in the joints with transverse high resistance carbon bands. The big screw reel seat can easily host large surf casting reels, up to 12000 size and even bigger. The tip is hybrid, a solid carbon part that is perfectly connected to the lower hollow part, strong and yet sensitive. Stainless steel corrosion proof SiC guides.

Trabucco Admiral Orizzonte

Code Mt C. Length Sections C.W. Guides
4.20 145 3 250 SiC MN
Hybrid Tip. All Admiral display a great fishing sensitivity, thanks to the spliced top including a solid carbon tip.