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The new series of surf casting rod Impera is born for competition, designed with the contribution of the whole Trabucco Surf Casting Team that tested the blanks for months.

The final result is an excellent combination of performance, light weight and reliability. The rod has been made using the fantastic super high modulus CX-2 Nano Tek carbon, a special super stiff but super light weight material, due to the extremely low percentage of resin. A so powerful but also a so balanced blank is perfect for long fishing sessions that won’t break your back in two.

The tip is hybrid, a solid carbon tip that is perfectly connected to the lower hollow part, strong and sensitive. A so technological blank deserves top components such as Titanium frame SiC SeaGuide guies and Fuji DNPS Gold Label reel seat.

Trabucco Impera Surf

CX-2 Nano-Tek LRC. Last generation Super High Modulus Carbon produced with an exclusive process that allow to produce an extremely pure carbon fibre with a very low resin content. Such a pure material greatly enhances the mechanical response to stress, thus being much higher than the Carbon usually used to build fishing rods, and has a very low specific gravity. The final result given by this technology is a super performing, extremely light fishing rod.

Sea Guide Titanium SiC. The inner stone, made of SiC, is the best you can get in term of smoothness, heat dispersion and abrasion resistance. But the strongest point of the new Titanium guides is undoubtedly the stiffness and the lightness of the frame. Titanium is also salt water resistant, so this material has incredible properties indeed! A rod equipped with Titanium guides will always have superior performance because the action of the blank will not be influenced by the weight of the guides.

Fuji Gold Reel Seat. On the Impera range, we selected only the best components and as reel seat we used the ultra reliable Fuji DNPS gold label, entirely built by graphite it offers a great strength, ergonomic and designed to last longer.

Butt Cap. Special rubber butt grip with rounded rubber cap, it helps all the operations during the casts or when fishing and additionally it has the function to protect the butt end.

Hybrid Tip.In order to give Impera the highest possible sensitivity, a carbon solid tip has been inserted, glued and carefully wrapped on to the tubular portion of top section. This solution required a specific technology to obtain strength around the joint area and curve perfection of the whole top. The most delicate bites are consequently shown at their best, while at the same time the strike is very accurate and safe, enabling the use of relatively fine hooklinks.

Video introduction:

Code Mt C. Length  Sections C.W. Guide
4.25 145 3 160 Sea Guide Tit. SiC
171-56-165 4.50 157 3 160 Sea Guide Tit. SiC
171-56-200 4.25 145 3 200 Sea Guide Tit. SiC
171-56-205 4.50 157 3 200 Sea Guide Tit. SiC
171-56-250 4.25 145 3 250 Sea Guide Tit. SiC
171-56-255 4.50 157 3 250 Sea Guide Tit. SiC