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GNT 745 XTR Carp

It’s the “bad sister” of GNT845, structured to bear any sort of load and stress, but, at the same time, balanced and easy to use thanks to the employment of high modulus carbon and nano resins which evenly disperse between carbon layers, even if used in a very limited amount.

The resulting action is quite sharp, with excellent shock absorbing capacity due to the cooperation between carbon sheets. In front of such power, carp, barbel, clarius and mullet rapidly understand that it’s not the case to waste any energy during the fight. Elastic rating starts from size 10 to go up hollow models and double ones, practically the whole world of strength.

As well as the 845, also this pole fits the traditional top section (60 cm long), linked by telescopic joint to second section; in case it is removed, any big elastic works even better through 4 mm top bore of the second section, also because it’s obviously stiffer than the standard top. All sections are interchangeable with those of GNT 845, are slide finished for a smooth use and display woven carbon reinforced joints to last forever.

Trabucco GNT 745 XTR Carp

Video introduction: 

Pole Pack: 1x GNT 745 XTR Carp 13.00 m • 3x Kit Strong 4 Sections • 1x Cupping kit 2 Sections • Mini extension for section nr. 8 and 13 m butt • Pvc protective tubes • 6 Tube trabucco gnt rod holdall

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Length Weight Sections
GNT 745 XTR Carp Full Pack 13.00 - - - -
GNT 745 XTR Carp 13.00 m 13.00 46 175 980 9