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GNT 955 Match One


The new top of the range GNT 955 is the melting point between the highest technology and the strong wish to amaze the most demanding user with thousands of options.

In fact, the chances to adapt the pole to personal needs aren’t limited to the initial step, but go further, up to each single match, because the match angler doesn’t just have one need, but as many as the matches in which he takes part. In other words, the pole is prepared to change according to the venue, to the match strategy and to the personal approach to fishing.

A really multiform pole, a real dream now available to everybody. Compared to former 915, sharpness and handling have been improved, thanks to two parallel butts which keep the handle slimmer. Therefore, the section n. 9 (13 m butt) also fits into section nr. 7 to fish at one section less with a stronger butt. Sticking to Trabucco mentality, also this new model is far away from those “silver fish poles” in term of reliability, as there is nothing worst than fishing a match fearing that a sudden breakage could stop it. All this could have been enough to talk about “state-of-the-art safety”, but, at such level, safety is never enough! So the pole holds a wild card, to be played when conditions require it: a special kit, made of two super strong sections (Safety Section Kit), destined to replace sections n. 6 and 7 to raise the whole rod’s strength because the area above butt normally bears most of the stress. Further options to face tough conditions can be obtained by Match and Strong combinations of Multi-Tip System, offering reliable blanks and 2,7 or 4,7 mm top bore.

Four Match kits are supplied with the pole: two made of four sections and two of five, all fitting the traditional top section (Ø 1,9 mm), exactly same as the one included in the pole. Two mini extensions fitting sections nr. 6-7-8-9 plus cupping kit, made of three sections with a long top to get same length of a four section’s match kit. The pole gets 4 and 5 section’s kits belonging to former GNT models.

GNT 955 Match One

Video introduction: 

Pole Pack: 1x GNT 955 Match One • 2x 5 Sections Match Kit • 2x 4 Sections Match Kit • Safety Sections 6 & 7 • 1x Cupping Kit 3 Sect. (4.40 m) • Short Extension for Butt • Short Extension for Sections 6-7-8 • Protective Tubes & Gnt Rod Holdall

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Length Weight Sections
GNT 955 Match One Full Pack 13.00 - - - -
GNT 955 Match One 13.00 m 13.00 44 188 920 9